Yoga Session in English

Yoga Session in English

Shake off your winter blues and get your batteries recharged with our weekly Sunday Yoga Sessions in English.

We gather every Sunday afternoon to practice Hatha Yoga in a warm company of foreign exchange students, St.Petersburg expats and locals who are fond of English or yoga or both =)

Each class includes breathing practice or Pranayama, Sun Salutations or Surya Namaskar, a set of asanas that are adapted to the needs of the participants, and it finishes off with deep relaxation and metta meditation.

The practice is quite gentle yet really invigorating and will get your ready to face any challenges of the upcoming week. If you have never tried yoga, you are more than welcome to join in.

Class fee is 400 rubles. There are package deals available for regular members.

Bring a friend along to the session and get it for free, or split the fee between the two of you – 200 rubles each.

If your friend also buys a membership, both of you get a bonus: free 1-hour yoga nidra (deep relaxation) or Vipassana meditation session. Alternatively, you can have a free 1-hour English (Russian for our foreign members) class individually tailored to suit your needs.

Location: 17, Chapayeva Street, metro Gor’kovskaya. It is a 15-min walk (if you walk fast, then shorter) from Gor’kovskaya metro station (Blue line) or a bit further (20-25 min) from Viborgskaya metro (Red Line). Our yoga space is located in a red 4-storey building that you access through the gate/barrier, the room is on the last floor. If you are coming for the first time, please call me for further exact directions as it might turn out a bit tricky. Alternatively, I usually meet first comers at the exit from Gor’kovskaya metro station at 15:25 and then we can walk together to the studio.

Follow our updates for the exact timings each week on Facebook at or VK at

Do not miss out on this unique chance in St.Petersburg to practice yoga and English simultaneously in a warm company of beautiful fellow souls.


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