Looking back on 2016

Looking back on 2016

Looking back on 2016, my heart fills with gratitude and joy. Such is my nature that I tend to forget little misfortunes or sad times, and instead remember and nourish good things that happen to me.

Today I made a list of all the positive happenings of 2016 that stand out in my memory now at the end of it. How endlessly grateful I am to the Universe to be able to experience all that…

Looking at the list, I realise this year I have done many “off the bucket list” things. They were on my mind for a long while: these vague dreams or subtle hopes “to do it one day” so easily turned into solidified intentions and then… reality. It is all about the power of our mind and one’s eagerness to take responsibility for a thought and make a step.

I don’t want to sound dramatic or anything but I might as well say this year has been a year of awakening for me. What a bliss and joy it is to make conscious choices and to observe your own mind.

I am deeply grateful to each and every encounter I have had, all of which taught me something that I was ready to perceive. Yet how much more is there in store! I know I have got a lot to learn and I am looking forward to that.

A journey within is the most exciting of all the journeys. I feel the wind in my sails, many wondrous sunrises to be taken in, more tags and veils to be discarded of, less pre-conditioned boundaries to remain… On a way to Self, on the way to Oneness.

“Life is not to be discovered, rather it is to be created”, says Neale Walsch. Then it is all about accepting one’s responsibility for every thought, every word and  every action. We create our own reality. Let us all be courageous and think big. Above all, may us all dwell in love. My dear reader, may your heart be filled with love, compassion and forgiveness. Let go of much, forgive them all and smile softly.

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