Reflecting Upon 2015 and Wishing all a Happy New Year

Reflecting Upon 2015 and Wishing all a Happy New Year

I have come to realization that I usually feel a bit down at the end of every year. I was wondering why asking myself, “Am I not supposed to be all hyped-up and in the mood of big celebrations?” Then it daunted on me – it is quite natural to be sad when good things come to an end, isn’t it? So I don’t have to ask myself if the partying year has been good or not. The answer is obvious, not that I would doubt it with the 2015 🙂

It is the last day of 2015. Being Russian, I know how hectic things get on the eve of the New Year with so many people fussing around making last-minute preparations for the main celebration of the year. Celebrating several NYs away from my country, I miss that. On the other hand, free from New Year preparations’ craziness, I have plenty of time to reflect upon myself, the 2015 and myself in the flow of the partying year.

This year has been super special for me – a year that I didn’t dare dream I could live one day in my life. I have spent the entire 2015 traveling having left pretty much everything behind. I believe it is as close as one could get to feeling free. No attachment, no obligation to be back to work, no responsibilities towards others. You, your backpack and the call of your heart. And of course, multifold of beautiful wandering souls on the way that enrich you, guide you, let you reflect upon Self and thus become better. I am endlessly grateful to the universe, God, my karma or whatever one prefers to call it for letting me experience such thing in life. I will repeat again – I didn’t dare dream about it; it has been better than anything my imagination could come up with. I might suggest why so. No expectations. I have had no expectations of this journey. I still have no destination and thus no expectations could arise. Embracing the present and making the most of it brings one closer to the state of feeling content and complete in the present moment. Out of so many nice people that I have crossed paths with on this journey, I remember and value the most those who possess this serene inner peace and share it with others by simple, at times very small acts of kindness, which ultimately make your experience so special. Small things matter a lot; they can either make your day or ruin it sometimes.

Today, a year since the beginning of my journey, I know I have gained a lot by discovering more of my true Self, getting liberated from the imprints of the culture I was born into, the society that brought me up and family expectations cultivated by that very society standards. I started questioning so many “truths” – things I believed to be true simply because I was told so at an early age or observed many people doing so and concluded that must be the right behavioral pattern, which, as soon as I came into closer contact with other cultures, I understood was not the case at all. Now I am much more aware of the reality both within me and outside. I am still in search of the true serene inner equilibrium though.

The awakening I am experiencing now has become possible only thanks to change and more precisely the courage to make the change.

Change is always good. Being stuck in a rut is dangerous. The law of nature is a flow. The law of nature is all about the impermanence. Every little and big thing changes every fraction of a second on a molecular level. So does our body. So does our mind. So does the reality around us. So shall do our perception of Selves and others. Being open to a change is of ultimate importance in search of inner peace. What exactly do I imply by saying inner peace? Being content with the present.  The words of my very good friend David Jones got ingrained in my mind,  “Are you happy with your life?” is not a question to be asked. Instead, one should enquire, “Do you feel content with your life?” The state of happiness arises when excitement mixes with contentment. Very few people can continuously stay  excitedly content. There have to be both ups and downs; otherwise, one shall not appreciate real happiness.

Let me ask you, my dear friends, “Do you feel content with the 2015?”

If the answer is “Yes”, then you are on the right track. However, if you gave it a second thought to answer this question, then maybe it is time for a change. Don’t let the fear of the unknown scare you off. Life is in motion. Challenge yourself. The worst thing that can happen to you is gaining a new experience. Even though it might be negative, that experience can trigger up some hidden potential of yours or guide you towards new opening doors of life.

(Note to Self: I always wonder if the words that come to my mind or any tips I give are actually a reflection of what I myself am longing for. Is it time for a change for me too? 🙂

Now let me get down to the pleasant part of spreading good wishes for the upcoming year.

May you all, my dearest and nearest and those who are a bit further (but never too far to send love and positive vibrations) be content in the New Year. May you all embrace the harmony within you. Before midnight may you all forgive everyone who might have hurt you. May you also be forgiven by others. With so much violence and aggression today, let us open up our arms and hearts to compassion and good will. Let us be grateful for what we have got and let us share kindness of our souls. I am wishing you all a blissful year.

happy me

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  1. Katie at 10:26 pm

    Change is so good right? I like to embrace the energy of Shiva in the New Year, well ok all the time; complete destruction for the opportunity to start fresh. Like you said, traveling helps you to destroy deeply instilled thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, but travel helps to destroy and break down those ideas and leave space for fresh and new ideas. Keep being fluid – I am sure we will run into each other someday soon 🙂

    • Elena at 4:01 am

      My dear Katie,
      I so enjoy sharing ideas with you on what traveling teaches us. Being able to exchange these opinions with you now is as well one of the many enriching benefits of traveling. This is to the all-embracing beauty of traveling and many wandering souls that get lost to find their true Selves.
      Looking forward to bumping into you on some busy street corner or a remote mountain =)

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