What is the Greatest Lesson Traveling Has Taught You so Far?

What is the Greatest Lesson Traveling Has Taught You so Far?

9 months of continuous travel – is it a little or a lot? It is a lifetime in terms of how much I have gained during this time. Yet it is very little if I think how much more I can learn and discover continuing my long-term journey. I am very happy to be able to say that this time my journey has been a great deal more conscious than the first one when I just left my settled life in Izmir, Turkey. I have become more aware of my true self: my desires, my dreams, my actions and my calling. I fully accept myself the way I am, and I know that change is constant. I truly believe that anything, absolutely anything is possible; it is only a matter of dropping your own limitations and becoming aware of your wishes. By no means I intend to sound too spiritual or enlightened but I do feel awakened now. I am excited at the prospect of how much more I have to learn. I am very eager to work on my future – to create it the way I choose it to be.

If I had to answer the question – “What is the greatest lesson traveling has taught you so far” – I’d reply with one word – OBSERVE. Observe your own self, observe others, observe the nature, observe how you react to the new and unexpected and reflect. The entire world is the reflection of one’s own ideas, tags and limitations.

Remain alert and aware, always aware of your mind. Rediscover your Self.

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