Struggle towards Peace… or is it?

Struggle towards Peace… or is it?

My friend has recently said, “Struggle has always helped me grow spiritually, it is well needed”.

“How very apt!”, I thought. At times someone drops a line, and this phrase makes a whole universe of meaning to you simply because it is relevant to your situation and your mind chooses to hear it, yet unconsciously.

Everyone perceives the word “Struggle” in different ways: we might be struggling in a relationship, we might be struggling financially or one may constantly struggle with life flow without realising it. I believe that these kinds of struggle are merely a reflection of one’s inner  struggle – of one’s discordance with Self.

When one is aware of the inner struggle, then regardless how hard the inner battle might seem, the person is bound to succeed. However, if one is dealing only with the outer manifestations of the inner conflict, then success, if any, will only be temporary, and some other misfortune will find its way to the “fighter”.

Being aware of the inner struggle sets one on the right path. Can I say it might as well mean that  half of the job is done then? I am not sure… I am yet to see because as my dear reader can guess I am sharing it all from experience that I am currently living through.

Inner battles are the toughest. I see the root cause of the outer grieves, and I am also aware that the reason for my anxiety or annoyance lies within: it is not someone or something that makes me feel disturbed or angry – they are only an excuse for the burden, i.e. an emotional blockage, complex, some hidden fear or the ego, to reveal itself.

Meanwhile, the mind keeps interfering all the time, trying to find some justification for inner discomfort outside. Once one manages to direct the mind inside to look for the inner flaws, it starts rebelling: the ego can’t stand facing any mistakes or imperfections.  With the mind rebelling and ego boiling over, it becomes very difficult to see the truth clearly. Then what to do?…

Being a Vipassana meditator, I have got only one answer – observe your breath and body sensations. It is supposed to bring in more clarity to the current havoc inside. Once the storm is over, it would be a good idea to let in some compassion both to your own Self and the surrounding.

Now let me apply the following advice straight away and see if it works.


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