Sharing… One word but what a universe of goodness it comprises! Is there anything more worthwhile than sharing? Hmm, nothing comes to my mind.

Sharing love, kindness, warmth of one’s heart, knowledge, experience, food, money and even sharing worries or concerns ultimately becomes beneficial for us. There is hardly anything easier that sharing a smile or a hug but how much positivity it generates!

I am very happy to be meeting beautiful souls on my way with whom I can share any of the above. However, above all I am delighted to be able to share little of what I have experienced about spiritual seeking. Sharing the practice of yoga and meditation with my students makes me feel really balanced and complete. It increases the depth of my own practice manifold. By unraveling the techniques of yoga and meditation to seeking souls I feel my shaky steps on the Path are getting firmer and firmer. And thus, I can share more and more.

Human beings, we all share a lot to start with: the Earth, the sky and oceans. We share the responsibility of preserving the perfection of mother nature that we have been lucky to be born into.

My dear friend, when you are reading these lines, remind yourself of our shared responsibility to preserve what is there around us and to multiply the beauty of the present by sharing more and more. Start right away by sharing a smile with a stranger and a tight hug with your dear ones.

By the time you finish reading this post, my warm hug and positive vibrations will be reaching you wherever you might be, my lovely friend.


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