Christmas day 3 years ago – I was flying from Turkey to India on a one-way ticket. That was the best decision in my life so far.

I am grateful to the Universe that I had that courage to step into the unknown and to embrace it fully. That one-way ticket to India was my pass to awakening. I could not foresee what it would bring but I was curious, I was hungry to explore. I was not aware how mindless (as opposed to “mindful) I was: I didn’t know that intuition is prior to mind, I was conditioned to be rational and make decisions with the mind ignoring the heart. Yet I am endlessly grateful that the Universe provided me with the right people, environment and circumstances to be able to make that choice.

Every action of ours is our choice. Now I can see that I am making more and more conscious choices. I am the only one responsible for where I am now. I am content. I know that I am where I am supposed to be and things are happening at a right pace  – we are given exactly as much as we can take in. I am hungrier and more curious than before to explore – but now I know that the greatest depths are within, the most exciting journeys are all happening inside one. I am consciously in love with life – each day is a lesson, every encounter and every incident act as a magnifying glass to aid my life reading and deciphering its wisdom. Life is the greatest adventure, and I truly enjoy acquiring skills of a mindful captain. It is such an enthralling thing – to live mindfully.

My dear reader, now comes a reminder to self and a sincere desire for you to be happy. Growing up I have not been told these words, yet I have grown to know how important they are and what a difference they can make to one’s life. “Have the courage to follow your instinct. Be brave to step off the beaten track. Don’t be afraid to be misjudged by society. Trust your gut. If your dear ones tell you ‘nah, you can’t do it’, remember they wish the best for you but don’t listen to such advice. You can. Anything is possible. Trust the universe. Invite abundance into your life. Rejoice.”

Initiation at the ashram, Kerala, India

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