Photos of Kyrgyzstan

Photos of Kyrgyzstan

It is the country for M&M lovers = mountain and meat lovers

Trekking in Tian Shan Mountains

Isn’t it just Wooooow?

Altyn Arashan Trek

Snow landsliding whilst melting

Apricot trees in fragrant blossom

A local man was the only person who happened to be trekking the same route as I was, and he wouldn’t let me walk alone – That is a pretty heavy rifle on his right while he is picking some flowers for me =)

Bishkek parks. I liked the pace of life in the city

Bishkek theatre. Typical soviet architecture.

Traditional hat worn by quite a few locals. I got one for my Dad


The centre of Karakol, the 4th largest city in Kyrgyzstan

Wooden church in Karakol

Dungan Mosque in Karakol, built by Chinese muslims

Picture perfect street view in Karakol

Retro cars in Karakol, a town that I really loved

Marshrutka driver giving me a tour of a village because it was raining

Mountains, my love

Gorgeous horses

Sheep crossing a creek

Making new friends

This calf was so much like a dog- it was following me for a while and then totally loved being patted

Osh Bazaar in Bishkek

at the Osh Bazaar

They sell vodka just like that! =)

Very yummy and pretty local tandoor bread

Such a variety of dried fruits and nuts

Kyrgyz cuisine. Ashlyam Fu seems to be the only vegetarian meal in the country

It reads, HOSPITALITY. It is true, Kyrgyz people are indeed very hospitable

Dissolving into the nature

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