My Yoga Journey

My Yoga Journey

My yoga journey started 2,5 years ago with the teacher training course at Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, India. Up until January 2015 I’d never practiced yoga before and had quite a vague idea of what yoga actually was. In Russia we say, “Swim or drown” when one is taught how to swim. And I open-heartedly surrendered to the soothing waters of the yogic ocean. I can’t say it was easy; it required a bit of self-discipline and patience (sadhana), especially at the beginning. As I progress on the path though, I realise that my resistance to the presence diminishes, my acceptance of my own Maya and blissful moments of the Truth grows and now I don’t have to dig it hard to look deeper within: it is more of a smooth slide when I quieten my mind.

The past 1,5 month I have spent in Dharamshala in my beloved Himalayas. That is the longest time I have continuously stayed in one place on my more than 2-year long journey (excluding staying at home in Russia) Dharamshala is a perfect place for self-development, and I feel  my yoga and meditation practice has become deeper and stronger thanks to the amazing teachers that I have been lucky to meet on my Path. By chance I discovered the magic of Kundalini yoga with Akasha and then explored it in a more profound way with Devi . Just upon arrival I bumped into Bijay Vasudev who all this time has whole-heartedly been sharing the wealth of yoga with me, and I even got a chance to teach acroyoga for beginners at his wonderful soShanti yoga chalet. I am immensely grateful to the Universe that quite skillfully (as usual) places the right people on my way.

In this past month or so my understanding of my own body and the energy flow within has increased; I feel I am doing the right thing and am eager to explore more depths of Self and devote some quality space and time to personal practice so that I can grow more powerful spiritually. I feel there is a lot of potential inside and I want to utilise it in the most efficient way by helping people to heal. Yet I am aware that I should be patient and can’t push it.

I feel there is an immense power in what I can make of myself if I follow the path of self-discovery under yoga and Buddha’s guidelines. My eagerness to learn is there, and I am aware that I am a good student. I know I am at the right place right now, and nothing should have been different. I can’t connect the dots this very moment and see the bigger picture; yet I believe there is one and it will all make perfect sense. (Life is easy to be understood backwards but it has to be lived forwards.) My reality is my own creation and I take full responsibility for it. With a peaceful mind and a loving compassionate heart anything becomes possible.

Oh, what a wonderful journey I have embarked myself on… What an abundant universe of limitless space without any boundaries is awaiting to be unraveled…

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