How to Become Aware

How to Become Aware

Bliss… It lies within. It is your unique sensation of inner comfort, contentment and peace. It is that feeling of deep gratitude for the complete awareness of the present. It is that moment when you know you don’t want to be in some other place and time rather than right here and right now.

I am sending my blissful vibes to each and every one of you, my lovely friends. I am so grateful to the Universe to be where I am, to feel what I do, to know what I have learnt and simply to BE. I am grateful for crossing paths with you and being able to learn from our shared experiences. I believe every human alive can attain the bliss within. It is a matter of tuning into YOUR desires, YOUR dreams and YOUR intuition. It is unbecoming all what you are actually not but have acquired through social upbringing and brainwashing. It is learning to listen to your body and gradually gaining control over the mind.

How to achieve all of the above? The first and most important step is to accept yourself completely, just as you are this very moment. You might not like this or that trait of your personality but it is the reality of the present you – accept your current Self. Then have a look at your old photo from a couple years ago – you will easily see some differences between you in the past and present you. It is not only the appearance that changes.

Change is the only thing that is constant in our Universe. The trouble is we may ignore this change. You might be brushing it off and not being able to notice it. We build our own walls and accept social tags throughout the life. Becoming aware of the limitations that you have set up in your own mind due to your social environment with the “help” of your social circle is an essential step on the Path to awakening.

Very good. Very well. These are wonderful words but what exactly can one do to awaken their awareness?

In the upcoming days I will be sharing a few techniques on how to become aware and more conscientious and how to hear YOUR own desires and be true to your own Self.


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