How to Become Aware. Part 3

How to Become Aware. Part 3

If not traveling yet, then what can one do to awaken their inner awareness?

Learning is one of greatest gifts of life. I differentiate 2 main types of learning: through books and experience. Thus, reading the right kind of literature on Self development, personal growth and awareness might become your first step on the Path.

Personally, I prefer learning from real life situations and by talking to people. In retrospect, I understand that many times I lived it through, I felt it, and only after I would come across a book describing a similar life lesson or wisdom. Nevertheless, the completely opposite approach works just as affectively. Some people are exposed to a lot of life wisdom through books and inspiring acquaintances. They know so much intellectually, and those who leave their comfort zone progress on the Path really well.

Yet again, many are not applying any of the precious knowledge they got from the books into practice. Why? It requires courage to exit the comfort of your usual environment. But the good news is: I have not met anyone yet who would have regretted leaving the mundane life behind and spreading their wings into the unknown. Have faith in yourself. You can do much more than you can imagine at this moment. If you are reading these lines and they make sense to you, then, my dear friend, I urge you to act – you are already looking at that Path unwinding in front of you. Make this most difficult first step, the rest will fall into place. We build our own reality: create yours the way you want it to be.

In general, acquire an open attitude towards your daily life: expect as little as possible, meet new people, get to know their stories. Expose yourself to the new and unexpected. “Where can I find it in my daily routine?”- you might be asking yourself now. Give a try to the following technique and see where it gets you. For a set period of time, e.g. a couple of days or a week or even longer, respond positively to any suggestion or offer that comes your way unless it can hurt you or others around. When someone offers something to you, simply say “Yes” even though your initial inclination would be to excuse yourself and reject the offer. Imagine, you have had an exhausting week and are really looking forward to a relaxing quiet weekend in a comfort of your home. Then a good friend of yours suggests checking out a new art venue or exhibition in your city, or maybe invites you for a day hike out in the nature. Regardless of your first impulse to decline any of those offers (because you have sort of already set your mind to have some chilled time at home), smile inwardly and accept it. Embrace fully what might be coming your way. You don’t know what kind of new acquaintances you may make, or what might trigger your inspiration in those situations. Expand your own social space.

This technique is very easy and requires little effort on your part: you don’t have to come up with any entertaining activities or new life situations, simply accept what is already awaiting to enter your life. The only requirement is: keep your attitude positive and explore your own limitations.


… to be continued…

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