Yoga Treat offers authentic yoga classes and smooth guidance into meditation. The practice of traditional Hatha Yoga in Sivananda tradition combined with Vipassana meditation technique as it was taught by Buddha leaves  you feel more balanced, peaceful and stress-free.

By learning to control the body through various asanas we are eventually taming the mind, gradually gaining control over its defiant nature. Pranayama (breathing practice) and deep relaxation calm down the ever-active mind thus helping you feel more in control of your emotions.

Discover you true inner potential by getting liberated from complexes, other people’s expectations and work- or family- related worries.  Become more positive about yourself and better able to handle arising daily problems. 


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The Girl who showers love, peace, positive vibes and good energy.

There is something about Elena that makes you believe in yourself more than you already do. She is one of those person who would silently convince you about the powers within you and make you do things you would normally never do.It is just not about doing yoga or meditation with her. I think she showers positive vibes and energy all the time and you can feel a big difference in your thought process just by staying close to her.I was lucky to be her first vipasana student and looking forward to more sessions in future ?Wish you all the best Elena.Cheers! KP

Dear Kanishka,
Thank you for being that awesome inspiring first Vipassana student of mine. I think you will benefit greatly by making meditation your daily practice. I strongly recommend you do a 10-day Vipassana course by Goenka. My bestest energies your way!

The beginning of a new journey...

I had the pleasure of practising with Elena while in India where I had signed up to learn the art of yoga for two weeks. Elena's positive spirit and energy was felt right away and I immediately felt at ease. Being new to yoga and extremely inflexible it was a challenge for me but Elena coached me through it and found ways to ease into it. She also pushed and challenged me though and I saw a great deal of improvement after a few days even and at the end of our two weeks. I really enjoyed our meditation sessions and her soothing voice as a guide. Elena sparked a light for me in continuing down this journey and making yoga part of my daily life. Thank you and hope our paths cross again one day!

Carly has been a wonderful student, so motivated and eager to push her own limits. She would wake up earlier to stretch a bit before our morning class at 7.30 a.m. Such attitude is so inspiring for me as a teacher too. I hope Carly will continue her way down the yoga path: it only becomes more and more beautiful with each step.

Thank you elena

Hello everyone, I met Elena in India whilst I was traveling there! Her yoga and meditation class was very professional and full of love and care. Elena, thank you for such beautiful memories from your amazing classes, you are the best!

Golan, you have been such an inspiring student, so eager to practice with all your heart. I only hope to have more students like you )

yoga treat

I've met with Elena in India and she invited me to her yoga class. I was so comfartable during yoga session. Even I couldn't able to do asanas, she was so motivating. At the end of sessions, I felt relaxed, chilled and thinking about continuing yoga classes but I had to turn my home town. If I had a chance I prefer to work with her.

It was my great pleasure to have you in our class. I hope Izmir will grant you a good yoga teacher. My warmest wishes to you, Tugce