Continuous Learning. Life teachers and life students.

Continuous Learning. Life teachers and life students.

We are continuously given opportunities to learn from one another, and it is only a matter of one’s own awareness if we get the lesson or not.

He who didn’t understand his past is doomed to repeat it. When I feel like the situation is repeating itself, my alarm goes off. I become more alert and try to be more conscious of what I am doing, thinking or feeling at that moment. But then again I wouldn’t like to fall into the claws of analysing and overthinking. I am trying not to cross this subtle border between observing and analysing.

It might be much easier said than done. To stay aware I have not found a better technique than to meditate or tune into observation of my body, its sensations and breathing.

I treat every person on my way as a teacher or a student. Those beautiful souls with whom I interact easily, maybe even inspire some and don’t find myself in too many uncomfortable situations in their presence – I see them more as students. It is joyful, fun and also (beware!) flattering for the ego. Friends, relatives or strangers by coming into contact with whom i feel disturbed, i.e. some insecure feeling arises seemingly out of nowhere or my peace of mind is gone,- I look at these wonderful souls as my direct teachers. Through interacting with them, my old fears, complexes and all kind of dusty “brick-o-brack” on my mind shelves get shaken. These emotional blockages and mind patterns are lit with an illuminating light, and it is my work to stay aware enough to be able to see that ray of light. Once I am aware of any issue, then it is time for conscious acceptance of it: not denial (which inevitably involves fight that is destructive in its nature) or ignoring but  acceptance. Only after that the eradication of any fault becomes possible.

However, it is never that “black-and-white”. Many people on our way are acting as both teachers and students. There is always something to reflect upon after any meaningful encounter or interaction. Yet i have recently realised that I should be more grateful to those souls after coming in contact with whom i feel puzzled and my inner peace is shaken. These people are showing me the things I have to work on. Imagine, it is like moving a house – when you start  unpacking all your stuff, you inspect quite carefully the things that you are taking out from bags and boxes – “Do I really need it in my new home?” So I see these people as those helpers who dig out items from the boxes and show it to my face. And like I said earlier, if I see similar items coming out again and again, that’s definitely something I have to seriously work on. I know most of the time I learn from my own experience. I might be aware of the experience of others but then it is only my own success or failure, love or fear that will mark the lesson as learnt. 

I would like this post to be my humble expression of enormous gratitude to all the beautiful souls that pointed out my flaws. May we all continuously learn from each other and share the good merits.

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